DPL technology adopted: the treatment wavelength within 100nm precisely, which greatly promoted clinic treat result and much more comfortable.
ND:yag Laser tattoo removal handle OR Radio Frequency handle optional.
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(DPL, Dye Pulse Light) adopts a new narrow-spectrum light technology, offering fast and efficient solution to facial spots and telangiectasia(red face) problem. As its efficacy significantly beyond IPL, and the treatment time is significantly shorter, DPL has epoch-making significance in the field of optical beauty rejuvenation technology.

Unlike traditional IPL(Intense Pulse Light), DPL can excite the narrow-band pulsed light of 100nm, which also includes the absorption peaks of melanin, oxygen and hemoglobin. it makes effective treatment energy to be accurate focused, which further solve the facial spots and telangiectasia(red face) problem quickly and efficiently.

DPL precision treatment wavelength:
400nm-500nm pigmentation, acne, etc.
500nm-600nm rejuvenation, whitening, vascular etc.
600nm-810nm hair removal

Display Screen 10.4-inch color touchable LCD screen
Light Source Imported Xenon lamp(with 8-times atmospheric pressure)
Spot size 40mm*8mm
Spectral Range 400nm-500nm/500nm-600nm/600nm-810nm
Operation Mode IN-Motion Mode
Optical Transmission Sapphire
Energy Density Mazimum 50J/CM2
Frequency of SHR Mode 1Hz to 10Hz
Input power 2500VA
Pulse Number 1-4
Pulse Width 0-10ms
Pulse Interval 0-100ms
Size 60cm*55cm*75cm
Net Weight 45kg
DPL adds the sliding treatment mode besides the traditional IPL treatment mode, which mildly and rapidly heats skin tissue, removing the superficial pigment and close the lesion. and at the same time,it effectively stimulate the facial collagen newborn. so that the skin becomes more smooth and delicate, while not causing skin damage, improves the efficiency of treatment and patient comfort.
Pigmentary lesions:freckles sunburn, senile plaques, coffee spots, inflammation after the color sink.
Vascular disease:telangiectasia, acne red print, red stained nevus.
Light aging:hair removal, large pores, rough skin, fine wrinkles.
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