Diode Laser (755+808+1064)

      Description Advantages Specifications Applications
      808nm diode laser hair removal technology adopts that light is absorbed selectively by body tissues,  which lets 808nm spectra penetrateinto the follicular parts in order to undermine the growth activity of dermal papilla, destroy the hair follicles and its support organizations around the hair follicles. This finally achieves the result ofpermanent hair removal.
      1. Real 0℃ cooling system, better than other machines in the market.
      2. Multi-languages system. 9 languages for your choice.Engilsh,German, Spanish,  Russian,Japanese, Italian,Turkish, French, Arabic.
      3. Direct coupling through sapphire tip.
      4. In order to ensure the security and stability of the machine, all key parts are all from the topest companies of the  world.
      5. Adjusting long pulse width adjustable,make sure the energy output more stable and safer.
      6. 12X12cm2 big spot,The max output frequency of this diode laser system is 10HZ. Will surely shorter the treatment time.
      7. Human-computer interaction interface, easy to operate.
      8. Self-checking system will real-time monitoring water flow, water temperature and crystal temperature, etc. to reduce the problems in the maximun limit
      9. High output energy will reach world-class levels. HR mode 120J/cm2 and  fast hair removal mode (SHR) is 25J/cm2.
      10. HR,SHR,SR modes for your choice, more useful and more effective.
      11. 20 million shots guareenteed
      12. Micro-channel water cooling system which avoids using freon. it can be shipped by sea and no pollution to environment.
      1. Laser type: FL DIODE ARRAYS CW
      2. Wavelength: 808nm/755nm/1064nm(optional)
      3. Power: 300W/500W/600W
      4. Working model: HR, SHR, SR
      5. Repetition rate: SHR-10HZ; HR-0.5Hz-5Hz; SR-1Hz-4Hz
      6. Spot size: 12mm*12mm
      7. Energy density: SHR up to 25J/cm2; HR up to 120J/cm2; SR up to 20J/cm2
      8. Pulse duration: 10ms-1400ms
      9. Cooling: Direct coupling through sapphire tip
      10. DualChill Intrgrated Skin Cooling: 4°C Contact cooling
      11. Electrical: 110/220V 15A  max 50/60Hz
      1. For all kinds of people;
      2. Permanent hair removal for all parts of the body, such as facial hair, hairline, beard and body's armpit hair, chest hair, limbs hair, bikini and other parts.
      3. Shrinking pores
      4. Tightening skin
      5. Working to telangiectasia, varicose veins
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