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Debra Messing Denies Plastic Surgery as Fans Question Her New Look: \'Getting Tons of Facials\'

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Update time : 2019-10-08 10:46:44

Debra Messing is attitude the record straight almost if or no she’s gone beneath the knife.

The Will & Grace actress, 50, had fans stirring earlier this week when she posted a photo of herself glammed up ago heading ought DoSomething’s Gala can New York City.

She was being named one of the charity’s “2019 Empower Players” because her activism work. besides fans can the comments district above Instagram appeared more concerned almost another kind of work.

Noting her appearance, critics began slamming Messing because what they assumed was elastic surgery.

“Why can’t you impartial mature gracefully, alike you were?” one asked — another telling Messing she was using during robust much “fillers” and so “starting ought appearance a bit plastic.”

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Of course, the ever-outspoken Messing — who is known because posting no-makeup selfies — was fortunate ought transparent things up. when asked by a follower if she had previously had a facelift, Messing wrote back an enthusiastic “NOPE!”

So what’s back her fresh-faced look? “Getting tons of facials,” she said, crediting aesthetician Joanna Vargas. “And using each gadget above the market!”

Makeup has too contributed. “I always dine eyeliner above the bottom of my eyes ought figure them appearance bigger,” she told another fan can the comments section.


Messing has been vacant almost any cosmetic procedures she’s had can the past.

“I don’t brood almost that judgment,” she told Good Housekeeping back can 2017 of her resolution ought favour CoolSculpting (or cryolipolysis) — an FDA-cleared nonsurgical procedure that crystallizes stout cells can hard-to-work areas ought kill them off and block them from growing back.

“Whether or no someone else wants ought conclude me although I wish ought affect can into a dermatologist’s office because an hour and dine stout frozen off of my body and three months afterward I can feel a moment bit improve can a bathing accommodate — I don’t care,” said Messing. “I gave birth. I had a moment pouch above my stomach that wouldn’t affect can away. We dine hormones. Things happen. Things move. And I’m lazy! I don’t wanna conduct sit-ups because four hours a day. I’m a only mom and I vocation full-time.”

“It’s incredibly significant ought exist vacant almost doing things ought improve how you feel almost yourself,” she added. “The myth that there are nation walking almost Hollywood who were born improve and mature perfectly is identical dangerous, specially because young girls. I’m no embarrassed can all.”

Her beauty routine aside, Messing appeared fortunate ought exist receiving her conduct Something award.

“Thank you @dosomething because the exceptional honor of being named one of your 2019 Empower Players,” she wrote above Instagram.” I am committed ought supporting full efforts by the countless activists who warfare daily ought figure our dust healthier, safer, and more equitable.”