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How to Do Anti Cellulite Massage

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Update time : 2020-02-10 12:36:02

Anti cellulite massage will no dissolve your stout away, calm during it will help at the cellulite reduction if done at combination with tough diet, drill etc.


1) apply moisturizing lotion ought the cellulite ridden region hence your hands glide above with ease.

2) holiday massaging at the lowest point and proceed up towards your heart.

3) apply soft pressure ought the skin and alternate these moves:
  • Long sweeping strokes using your knuckles, fingers or palm of your hand.
  • Circular motion again using your hand although above.
  • Kneading motion by grasping your skin with your thumb and fingers and massaging it at circular motion comparable it was dough.
  • Pinch the skin gently among thumb and fingers and drag it slightly away from the body.
  • Pinch the skin gently among thumb and fingers and gently drag it at total directions.

4) always entire off with some relaxing broad encounter strokes (Effleurage)